Prologue, Champagne, The Loire Valley, Way to Bretagne, Bretagne Normandie and North of France, Belgium, In fine, Photogalery

Vlasta Stipkova, 21 years old, Brno CZ, a student of PdF MU, occasionally I go public cycling races

Vladimir Tomas, 25 years old, Brno CZ, a computer programmer, an active handball player and a tolerant partner

   With an idea of trevelling through the France we had played over one year. After reading of a lot of travel books on the internet we decided for visiting regions Champagne, The Loire Valley, Bretagne and Normandie. The inspiration to it we obtained from the travel book of two students who went over these regions by hitchhiking in 1997. We wished romance, calm and beautiful nature. We owned only mountain bikes, but we rather voted ways by the road.

   We plunged into preparing heartly. The biggest problem was transport. A month before, we phoned and contacted travel agencies intent on cycling, which went to our direction. Finally, we bought tickets for regular line and our bikes we had to fragmentate to cartoons 30x60x100cm inclusive fork and bearings.

   So accurately modified cartoons according to dimensions, a big plastic sack, two cycling bags and a small rucksack decorated a bus station in Plzen, where were otherwise inteligently packed laguagge of tourists going abroad. The driver, who loaded our lagguage into the bus later, turned his head in disbelief, but finally he took us smilingly. In the evening, on 3rd July, we left Plzen.

   It's 6:30 AM, 4th July, and we're standing in the centre of Reims, where the driver of our bus has just unloaded us. The bus is continuing to Paris. We're pulling our lagguage to near little park, where we begin with mounting. At 10 o'clock we get on bikes happily and we're rounding the town with a noble cathedral. We're looking for a petrol station, we're blowing wheels and hip away to nature and for adventure.

   Note: We thank all our friends in France and Belgium (including Swiss family) who helped us at our critical times and granted us 'asylum', breakfast, coffee and even dinner and bed.

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